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Materials & Technique

French 19th and early 20th century furnishing is the foundation of SidebySide.

Internationally admired for beauty and refinement, such style once furnished residences all over Europe.  From attics, flea markets, antique shops, and the homes of family and friends, Sophie Quéré hunts for these forgotten treasures in France to bring them back to life.

Quéré, a trained artisan and tapissier, restores and upholsters each piece in her New York City workshop embracing traditional French upholstery methods — a savoir faire that is increasingly rare. Every element is crafted by hand, built durable to last.

The exquisite wooden components of antique seating are carefully refurbished and finished with wax, varnish, or paint.

Upholstery is typically formed with horsehair and vegetable fibre, or occasionally with foam, and molded by hand to achieve its preferred shape. Once perfectly sculpted, the new fabric is fitted by hand-stitched tacks or semences veiled by a trim as a finishing touch. Quéré’s creations are recognizable by her personal signature, a small button sewn onto the final piece from a family treasury collected over generations.

Fabrics and textiles for the limited collection are made both in France and Europe. Upcoming collections will also feature hand selected fabric and textiles from around the world.

With an artist’s eye, Quéré chooses luxurious fabrics for their texture, color, and light. She is drawn to contemporary pattern and designs, inspired by vibrant tastes that evoke conviviality.

Each piece celebrates the contrast of classic furniture with modern style. SidebySide furnishing and decorative items are period pieces which are restored and renewed through weaving and sewing new details fit for 21st century bohemian style.

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